Products produced using PushClean Technology are using a different system than the wet wipes used today.

A transport container of 40 mm in diameter and 13 mm in height contains 5 g of liquid and 2 cm in diameter of tablet tissue. The mechanism works by a single pushing motion of the finger and the dry tablet napkin absorbs the liquid within about 3 seconds and turns into a 22 x 20 cm natural cleaning wipe.

There is absolutely no carcinogens or preservatives in the PushClean Natural Cleaning Wipes' 100% natural. Problems such as carcinogenic effects, bacterial reperfusion, decay, mold, bad smell, and dryness are not the case.
Why PushClean?

    It does not contain alcohol and parabens.
    There is no carcinogenic effect since the additive is not used
    Because it contains pure water, it has no allergic effect.
    Since the wipes are dry waiting until the moment of use, they are hygienic and there is no bacterial growth.
    Man and nature and environment are friends. Provides effective water saving.
    The carrier system is 100% recycled plastic.
    Compressed tablet tissue is 100% natural, made from wood cellulose. It will disappear completely in 12 weeks in the land.
    The towel has a soft texture that does not leave fibers. The handkerchief is quite large.
    It becomes ready to use quickly and easily.
    On the Arabia, traveling, work, shopping, school,
    It does not create a sticky or bad feeling on the hand.
    During the shelf life of 2 years, it is not encountered with problems such as decay, mold, bad smell.